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Our new Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Business Administration is a one-year qualification focusing on digital transformation. It will enhance your career in any industry and empower you to shift your focus to the digital aspects of a business.

  • NQF Level 8
  • Course Code: E19BAQ
  • January 2024 Intake(Closing Date: 31 December 2024)


The following requirements are necessary to qualify for the JBS PGDip:

  • A bachelor’s degree or other NQF Level 7 qualification – this is a prerequisite

  • An overall average of at least 60% in an undergraduate qualification

  • Two-years’ work experience

  • A demonstrated level of maths literacy: an NQF Level 4 matriculation pass in maths or equivalent (preferred but not essential)

  • Proficiency in English

  • Successfully completed the admission portfolio forms

  • Study permit for South Africa if you are an international applicant

NB: Places are limited and due to the competitive nature of our admission process, meeting the above requirements does not guarantee acceptance.



PGDip Brochure

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What sets the JBS PGDip part?

We reimagine the future. You reimagine your career. When we designed our PGDip in Digital Transformation, we were deliberate in our approach. We wanted to create PGDip that would give you the knowledge and the skill you need to have a material impact in the workplace, and to offer a recognized qualification that would stand you in a good stead in any company you choose to work for in the future. Our focus is simple: We want to prepare you for business in the digital age

What you’ll learn during your PGDip:

Soft skills

  • People management
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Personal development
  • Collaboration
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Developing empathy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Systems thinking
  • Dealing with complexity

Business and technology

  • Strategy

  • Digital literacy

  • Digital marketing

  • Accounting and financial management

  • Economics and international business

  • E-commerce platforms

  • Product/Service integration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cloud computing
  • Business law, ethics and sustainability


Completing our PGDip course earns students the following six credits towards completing their JBS MBA:

  1. People management in the new world of work
  2. Competitive strategy: winning in the digital marketplace
  3. Accounting and financial management
  4. Digital technologies
  5. Operations and supply chain management in the digital age
  6. Economics and international business

Our Teaching Approach

At JBS we strive to impart knowledge and skills that are relevant, practically and impactful. Our PGDip is innovative in its approach to teaching. We believe in the importance of an interdisciplinary process that uses business simulations, up-to-date Case studies, and focused assignments that involves analysing and solving business problem. Through syndicates, or small groups, we help you to learn from your colleagues and to learn about yourself. Where possible, we conduct our learning in  learning in person, but we also offer online lectures and assignments

PGDip Faculty

The expert professors of practice who teach our PGDip are involved in businesses, while also serving as passionate academics with interests in various business fields. This combination brings essential practical and theoretical knowledge to our PGDip.

Meet your professors and lecturers

Herman Singh
CEO of Future Advisory
Professor of Practice – Digital Technologies

Dr Dino Petrarolo
Senior Vice President of Competitive Capabilities International
Professor of Practice – Operations and Supply-Chain Management

Professor Rija Rijamampianina
Professor of People Experience and Leadership

Philasande Sokhela
Lecturer at the JBS in Digital Marketing

Wayne Moodaley
Senior Lecturer at the JBS in Accounting and Finance

Valter Adao
Chief Executive Office and Digital Leader of Cadena Growth Partners
Professor of Practice – Digital Transformation and Business Innovation

Dr Alistair Mokoena
Country Director Google South Africa
Professor of Practice – Technology and Opportunity

Online PGDip

Our PGDip is conveniently offered online in an asynchronous mode, allowing you the benefit to study in your own time, in your own space. The content of our online PGDip and our face-to-face PGDip is the same, making this option well suited to students with unique working schedules or who are based outside of Johannesburg.

For more information on our online course

Duration and Course Structure

The JBS PGDip takes 12-months to complete, with the study year broken down into five blocks. There are two streams on offer to participate- Saturday lectures and weekday-Earlybird lectures. Both stream have two lectures per week of three-hours each.

Saturday lectures: 08:00 – 15:00(two lectures per day)

Early bird lectures: 06:30 – 09:30(twice per week – including breakfast)

      Closing Date

Application closing date for

January 2024 Intake Is 31 December 2024



The total cost for the PGDip is approximately R82,040.

This includes all tuition fees and textbooks but excludes the UJ IT access fee and registration fee. (Approximately R1,040 once off).