PGDiP Gateway Credits into the JBS MBA

Completing our PGDip course earns students the following six credits towards completing their JBS MBA:

  1. People management in the new world of work
  2. Competitive strategy: winning in the digital marketplace
  3. Accounting and financial management
  4. Digital technologies
  5. Operations and supply chain management in the digital age
  6. Economics and international business

Student Support and Communication:


Students have access to the Learning Management Platform, Blackboard, as a communication medium. Students will access all their module materials on Blackboard as well as communicate with the Programme Manager, attend regular information sessions and Q&A Huddles.

Students are also supported via three one-on-one coaching sessions with a registered coach during their learning journey.

Online PGDip Course Delivery

The JBS Online PGDip qualification is asynchronous which means that students do not attend live classes but complete work each week on their schedule. Students complete their weekly studies anywhere as long as they have connectivity. It is designed for busy people who require flexibility.


Our Online PGDip is groundbreaking in its approach with a sharpened view on the digital era and practical application of Digital Transformation concepts and principles to chisel and fine-tune leaders of the future. Within the context of COVID, disruption and uncertainty, leaders of today require authenticity, complexity and systems thinking, and courage to build high performing teams. The learning journey is intentional in its approach and draws on the wealth of experience of the faculty to go beyond textbook based analysis or thinking.

  • There are no examinations as a Continuous Evaluation Model is applied.
  • Students apply their insights to exciting challenges and dilemmas posed in focused assignments to enhance performance of self, their teams, and organisations.
  • By completing the Online PGDip, successful students are granted six course credits toward the JBS Online MBA, which will reduce the Online MBA from 24 months to 16 months.
  • The Online PGDip is twelve months in duration.

Online PGDip Faculty

The expert professors of practice who teach our PGDip are involved in businesses, while also serving as passionate academics with interests in various business fields. This combination brings essential practical and theoretical knowledge to our PGDip.

Meet your professors and lecturers

Dr Dino Petrarolo
Senior Vice President of Competitive Capabilities International
Professor of Practice – Operations and Supply-Chain Management

Professor Rija Rijamampianina
Professor of People Experience and Leadership

Philasande Sokhela
Lecturer at the JBS in Digital Marketing

Wayne Moodaley
Senior Lecturer at the JBS in Accounting and Finance

Valter Adao
Chief Executive Office and Digital Leader of Cadena Growth Partners
Professor of Practice – Digital Transformation and Business Innovation


Dr Sharon Munyaka
Organisational Psychologist
Professor of Practice – Personal Development