Lynn Kruger

Lynn Kruger has almost 30 years of experience spanning from education to management and leadership. During her career at Concor Holdings and Murray & Roberts, her responsibilities included business and marketing administration, finance and project planning. Lynn’s passion for skill development and continuous learning is evident in her contributions as a speaker, mentor and judge in the professional administrative industry.

She has been a member of the PAFSA Academy of Excellence since 2010, receiving their Crystal Award for the continuous support of the executive administration profession in 2012. Lynn volunteered her knowledge and experience during the Services SETA’s Summit TV series “Working World”. An interview and panel discussion covering various aspects of the working environment gave grade 10, 11 and 12 scholars a good foundation with relevant information to make their choice of career or industry, to start and build their future in the world of work.

Her inherent problem-solving strengths served her well as executive officer of a non-profit organisation, focusing on the development and upliftment of women and children. She is still actively involved in community projects, fundraising and counselling. As head of a department for Resolution Circle, she put her entrepreneurial skills to the test by starting the hospitality and events department, which quickly grew into a successful income stream for the company.

In her operational role at the JBS, Lynn’s experience in resource management, project management, and learner mentorship benefits both staff and students. Lynn advocates for continuous professional development and has completed several executive education programmes, including the JBS Project Management and Personal Leadership in the 21st Century programmes.
Her academic qualifications include a Higher National Diploma in Senior Phase Education, and she will be completing her Honours degree in Educational Leadership and Management in 2022.