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Developing future fit leaders requires a major shift in paradigm

The world currently faces a confluence of destructive systems synchronising to a resonance of severe global uncertainty and instability – almost like a tsunami that is reinforced by waves building on each other. Climate change, the global pandemic and the disruption of orderly business practices by technology are poised to trigger major societal upheaval. Acting almost in orchestration in their timing, their combined impact is substantial and far-reaching.

In South Africa, increasing economic inequality, chronic poverty, spiralling youth unemployment, distrust in state institutions, and a debilitating lack of social service delivery, have been overlaid with a devastating global pandemic. It is of utmost necessity that these dire trends be reversed through reskilling and equipping graduates for the new world of work – predicated by the relentless march of technology. Creation of social stability through the establishment of meaningful and future relevant jobs has never been more critical.

As the distinction between leadership and technology education begins to blur, the Johannesburg Business School (JBS) has repositioned itself to respond to the digital transformation. The School has re-curriculated all of its course offerings, including its Executive Programmes, MBA, PGDip and DPhil, to equip current and future leaders to deal with the digital transformation resonating throughout the world with relevant, practical knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Adopting an innovative teaching style inclusive of simulations, games theory and peer learning, the JBS employs leading faculty supported by visiting professors from our international business school partners. The JBS bring to its programmes industry experts with a strong practical orientation to deliver multidisciplinary and systems thinking approaches.

Today’s rapidly changing technological landscape demands agility and a cross-disciplinary approach to manage uncertainty and complexity from business leaders. Successful technopreneurs turn chaos into opportunity, rather than a threat. Future fit leaders must understand the digital economy, and the ubiquity and pervasiveness of technology, and while this unfamiliar territory is uncertain, it is also filled with promise.

We invest in talent and will link those in need of funding with our benefactors and financial institutions. The JBS, as an innovative, future-focused business school with a human focus, is committed ensuring our graduates can apply their knowledge of digital transformation to compete effectively in the modern economy.

Prof Randall Carolissen

Dean of the Johannesburg Business School

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In the following interviews, thought leadership pieces, and commentary, Professor Randall Carolissen shares his expertise, knowledge, experience, and point of view on executive and entrepreneurship education and digital transformation.

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