The Storytelling

Storytelling is the most influential of all the arts and invaluable in business. Apple founder Steve Jobs said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire organisation that is to come”. However, most people find it hard to master the art and craft of telling a good story. The JBS Storytelling Leader is an online, interactive learning experience that has been embraced by the world’s most influential organisations. It is the fastest – and most fun – way for leaders to activate their voice of influence.

Topics and themes

  • The concept of leadership storytelling

  • An exploration of high-impact stories

  • How to activate your story • “Story mining”

  • Coaching for making your stories even better

  • Storytelling during times of crisis


David Hutchens is a United States-based author and learning designer who creates solutions for The Coca-Cola Company, Wal-Mart, IBM, General Electric, L’Oreal, Nike, the Johannesburg Business School, and numerous others. He helps organisations all around the world to find, craft, and tell their most compelling stories to create shared meaning, preserve culture, disseminate learning, and speed change in organisations. In partnership with The Conference Board, David is the creator and lead facilitator of The Team USA Leadership Experience, at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. He also facilitates The Apollo Leadership Experience at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. David is the author of “A Slice of Trust: The Leadership Secret with the Hot & Fruity Filling” with a foreword by Stephen M.R. Covey. His latest book is “Circle of the 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guide for Innovators and Meaning Makers” (Wiley & Sons, 2015).

Programme Details

Online 4-day programme:

  • 16 – 19 November 2021

  • Fee: R9,000



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