The digitalization of good governance

With Eldrid Jordaan, CEO and Founder of GovChat

Webinar Details

GovChat is one of Africa’s largest citizen-government digital engagement platforms supported by artificial intelligence which enhances government responsiveness, efficiencies and effectiveness. It enables citizens to connect and communicate with national, provincial and local government representatives in real-time via chatbots, Whatsapp and USSD, and currently serves 8,5 million active users, with over 600 million messages processed since its inception in 2016.

Join the JBS for a discussion with entrepreneur Eldrid Jordaan, CEO and Founder of GovChat, on how open government, technology and digital agility, including digital ID’s and payments, are critical in driving Africa’s development agenda forward.

Eldrid Jordaan is a former Ministerial Special Advisor and served as an Advisory Board Member at Mxit. He currently serves as Digital Communications Advisor to various African Governments and is a United States of America Department of State IVLP Alumni.